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Dr. Bailus Walker, Jr. Diversity and Inclusion Awareness Award

This award is given annually to recognize an individual or group who has made significant achievements in developing or enhancing a more culturally diverse, inclusive, and competent environment. The qualified individual or group will demonstrate support for diversity in their organization and community.

The nomination deadline for the 2024 Award was March 15. Preview the nomination questions.

Selection Criteria

Applications for this award require:

  • The individual is a member of NEHA. If a team submission, all team members must be members of NEHA.
  • The individual or group works within environmental health.
  • The individual or group is a contributor to diversity efforts.

The online application requires the applicant or nominator to write a description of the diversity effort(s) in summary format. The summary should address the following criteria:

  • Activities supporting diverse groups or programs.
  • Activities that promote environmental stewardship.
  • Activities in the community that foster diversity awareness.
  • Activities that demonstrate valuing interpersonal work relationships.
  • Activities that demonstrate an appreciation of contributions in a diverse workplace.
  • For Staff/Teams: Demonstrate consciousness of diversity through interactions and interpersonal relations with coworkers and the public.
  • For Managers: The organization reflects diversity through policies, programs, and representation.

Additional Submission Requirements

  • Applications must submit a curriculum vitae/resume that includes a summary of education, employment history, awards, honors, professional activities, and publications.
  • Only complete online applications, submitted by our members, will be considered.
  • Each application will be reviewed by an award panel. The panel shall consist of three Board of Directors members and one at-large member appointed by the board president.


2023 | Oreta M Samples, MPH, DHSc
2021 | First Recipient, Aqualia (Shauna) Nelson, MA, REHS/RS, PDF

Award Details and Dr. Walker's Legacy | PDF