HiAP Resources

Implementation & Evaluation

  • The implementation of Health in All Policies initiatives: a systems framework for government action, Health Research Policy and Systems | PDF
  • Health Impact Assessment in New South Wales & Health in All Policies in South Australia: differences, similarities and connections, Health Research Policy and Systems | PDF
  • A Practice-Grounded Approach for Evaluating Health in All Policies Initiatives in the United States, Journal of Public Health Management and Practice | PDF

Tools, Resources, and Manuals

  • HiAP Preparedness Guide and Worksheets | Webpage
  • Health in All Policies Approach to Lead Poisoning Prevention Webinar, NEHA | YouTube
  • Health in All Policies in General Plans, ChangeLab Solutions | PDF
  • HiAP Approaches Guide: Finding the Mix of Strategies that Fits Your Needs, Society of Practitioners of Health Impact Assessment | PDF
  • Health in All Policies Report: Experiences from Local Health Departments, NACCHO | PDF
  • How to Permanently Improve Government through Health in All Policies, ChangeLab Solutions | PDF
  • National Center for Healthy Housing, Health Department Strategies for Implementing Health in All Policies as a Part of Lead Poisoning Prevention Fact Sheet, NACCHO | PDF
  • Office of the Associate Director for Policy: Health in All Policies, CDC | Webpage
  • Beyond Medical Care Fact Sheet, 2015: The "Health and Equity in All Policies" approach to decision making, Health Policy Institute of Ohio | PDF
  • Health in All Policies: A Guide for State and Local Governments, American Public Health Association | PDF
  • The Business Case for Healthy Development and Health Impact Assessments, Health Resources in Action 2014 | PDF

Community Integrators and Backbone Organizations

  • Beyond Medical Care Fact Sheet 2015: Community Integrators and Backbone Organizations, Health Policy Institute of Ohio | PDF
  • Collective Impact Forum, 2014: Understanding the Value of Backbone Organizations in Collective Impact, FSG | Webpage
  • Integrator Role and Functions in Population Health Improvement Initiatives 2012, Nemours, | PDF

HiAP at the State and Local Level

  • Resolution: Health Equity in all Policies Approach to Decision Making, Genesee County Board of Health | PDF
  • HiAP Toolkit, Michigan Kent County Health Department | Webpage
  • Health in All Policies and Practice, Madera County Department of Public Health | PDF

Health Equity

  • Building Public Health Capacity to Advance Equity, National Collaborative for Health Equity | PDF
    • NCHE explores governmental public health's role in advancing health equity with racial equity as a major priority and community engagement as a central strategy
  • Health Equity Leadership & Exchange Network | Webpage
    • HELEN bolsters leadership and the exchange of ideas and information among health equity champions relative to the advancement of equity in health laws, policies, and programs
  • Promoting Health and Cost Control in States: How States Can Improve Community Health & Well-being Through Policy Change, Trust for America's Health | PDF
    • TFAH strengthens officials' capabilities by highlighting evidence-based and informed policies that can improve health and well-being in their states