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NEHA Past President Carolyn Hester Harvey

Carolyn Hester Harvey, MS, PhD, CIH, RS, DAAS, CHMM

Presidential Term: 2014–2015

The National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) was saddened to learn that Carolyn Hester Harvey, MS, PhD, RS, CIH, DAAS, CHMM, passed away on October 3, 2020. A pioneer and leader, Dr. Harvey’s career in environmental health, industrial hygiene, and public health spanned over 50 years. She had over 30 years of professional experience working in the field before moving into academia where she shared her rich knowledge.

Dr. Harvey began her career in academia in 1996 at East Tennessee State University. She joined the Department of Environmental Health Science (EHS) and Medical Laboratory Science faculty at Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) in 2001. At EKU she directed the Master of Public Health Program (MPH) from 2009–2014, held the full professor’s rank, and became department chair. Dr. Harvey retired from active teaching at EKU on January 1, 2017, and served as a faculty emeritus and adjunct faculty until her passing. One of Dr. Harvey’s lasting legacies is her positive influence on students and in the development of young emerging professionals. She also contributed to the furthering of the profession through the publication of several articles and numerous presentations.

Further notable legacies are Dr. Harvey’s leadership within the profession and volunteerism within numerous organizations. She was a member of NEHA for almost 25 years. She served as NEHA president from 2014–2015 and provided unsurpassed leadership during that time as the association searched for a new executive director. She also was a technical editor of the Journal of Environmental Health since 2011. Dr. Harvey was a founding member, president, and a board member of the Association of Environmental Health Academic Programs; a diplomate of the American Academy of Sanitarians (AAS); and a member of numerous professional organizations including the Kentucky Environmental Health Association, National Environmental Health Science and Protection Accreditation Council, and American Public Health Association. She was also a founding member of the National Council on Diversity in Environmental Health.

Dr. Harvey was honored with numerous awards during her career. Most notably she was the 2020 recipient of the prestigious Walter S. Mangold Award, NEHA’s highest honor. “Dr. Harvey’s professionalism, numerous individual achievements, contributions made toward improving our profession, her active involvement in NEHA and state associations, and the professional positions she has held, coupled with her education, made her most worthy and deserving of being recognized as this year’s Mangold Award recipient,” stated CAPT Craig Shepherd, 2020 Mangold Award Committee chair.



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