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Past Leaders & Award Winners

Since 1937, our association has been led by an outstanding group of individuals who have served in an elected, appointed, or hired position of leadership for the association. These individuals have lent their expertise, knowledge, and passion of the profession to support and further our association throughout the years. We would not be the foremost organization for environmental health without their leadership. Furthermore, the accomplishments of the association can be tied to the hard work, dedication, and perseverance of these individuals.

Executive Directors

After the headquarters of NEHA moved to Denver, Colorado, in January 1956, leadership was provided by a full-time executive.

1966–1977: Nicholas Pohlit
April–September 1977: Dennis Sanford (Acting Executive Director)
September 1977–August 1982: Dr. Lawrence J. Krone
August 1982–May 1983: Ida Frances Marshall (Acting Administrator)
May 1983–July 2014: Nelson E. Fabian
October 2014–May 2015: Brian Collins (Interim Executive Director)
May 2015–present: Dr. David T. Dyjack

Secretaries and Executive Secretaries

Gleaned from the pages of The Sanitarian, the following people handled the many details of association operation during the early years when the association was located in Los Angeles, California.


1938–1940: Charles G. Kahlert
1941–1942: Jack Raymond
1942–1943: Marvin Selover

Executive Secretaries

March 1943–October 1944: Floyd Jimison
November 1944–July 1946: H.H. McMillan
July 1946–November 1956: Roscoe Davis
1957–1966: Nicholas Pohlit

Past Presidents

1937: H.A. Jewett
1938: Jack G. Baker
1939: N.W. Pickett
1940: Will W. Butler
1941: Clifford Baughman
1941–1942: A. Harry Bliss, DrPA
1942: F.D. Sweger
1942–1943: William L. Nunes
1943–1944: Fred J. Shortridge
1944–1945: Ed Beale
1945–1946: Roscoe C. Davis
1946–1947: Ellis R. Shields
1947–1948: Mitchell P. Mondala
1948–1949: Carl W. Clark
1949–1950: Ed McLarty, Sr.
1950–1951: Fred A. Safay
1951–1952: Santo Joseph Sorbello
1952–1953: J.E. (Ed) Dolan
1953–1954: Joseph F. Puhek
1954–1955: Floyd M. Miller
1955–1956: Joseph S. Goldfarb
1956–1957: Russell Jackson
1957–1958: Hayes Evans, Jr., RS
1958–1959: Franklin H. Riske, RS
1959–1960: Walter Kimsey, RS
1960–1961: Roderick D. Kalling, RS
1961–1962: V. Harry Adrounie, RS, PhD
1962–1963: Dr. William G. Walter
1963–1964: Francis J. Goldsmith, RS
1964–1965: James A. Doyle, RS
1965–1966: John G. Todd, RS
1966–1967: Fred N. Cooper, RS
1967–1968: Ward C. Duel
1968–1969: Roger Lewis
1969–1970: John J. McHugh
1970–1971: William A. Broadway, RS
1971–1972: Verne C. Reierson
1972–1973: Charles H. Gillham, RS
1973–1974: Vernon Williams, RS
1974–1975: Monroe T. Morgan, DrPH, RS
1975–1976: F. Oris Blackwell, PhD, RS
1976–1977: Dr. Frank D. Arnold
1977–1978: Henry A. Drake
1978–1979: H. Paul Taloff
1979–1980: Harry Steigman, RS
1980–1981: Amer El-Ahraf
1981–1982: Boyd T. Marsh, RS
1982–1983: Dr. Trenton G. Davis
1983–1984: Philip B. Kirkwood, Jr.
1984–1985: Richard K. Rowe
1985–1986: Joseph W. Walsh, Jr.
1986–1987: George A. Morris, RS
1987–1988: Diane R. Eastman
1988–1989: Horace E. Jones, Jr., RS
1989–1990: Harry Grenawitzke
1990–1991: George A. Kupfer
1991–1992: Leonard Rice
1992–1993: Chris J. Wiant
1993–1994: John M. Barry, PhD
1994–1995: Diane L. Evans
1995–1996: Steve R. Tackitt, RS, MPH
1996–1997: Peter Thornton
1997–1998: Art Bloom
1998–1999: Ginger Gist, PhD
1999–2000: Gary Coleman, RS
2000–2001: Colonel Anthony C. Aiken
2001–2002: Laura Studevant Thacker, RS
2002–2003: James Dingman, MS, REHS
2003–2004: Douglas J. Ebelherr
2004–2005: James Balsamo, Jr., MS, MPH, MHA, RS
2005–2006: Ron Grimes, RS, MPH, DAAS
2006–2007: CAPT Richard F. Collins, MSEH, RS, DAAS, CAPT, USPHS
2007–2008: Rob Blake, REHS, MPH
2008–2009: Dick Pantages
2009–2010: Welford Roberts, MS, PhD, RS, REHS, DAAS
2010–2011: Keith L. Krinn, RS, MA, DAAS, CPHA
2011–2012: Mel Knight, REHS
2012–2013: Brian Collins, MS, REHS, DAAS
2013–2014: Alicia Enriquez Collins, REHS
2014–2015: Carolyn Hester Harvey, MS, PhD, CIH, RS, DAAS, CHMM
2015–2016: Bob Custard, REHS, CP-FS
2016–2017: David E. Riggs, MS, REHS/RS
2017–2018: Adam London, RS, MPA
2018–2019: Vince Radke, MPH, RS, CP-FS, DLAAS, CPH
2019–2020: Priscilla Oliver, PhD
2020–2021: Sandra Long, REHS, RS
2021–2022: Roy Kroeger, REHS
2022–2023: D. Gary Brown, DrPH, CIH, RS, DAAS

Award Winners

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