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Group Registration Instructions

Step 1. Create a MyNEHA Account

A MyNEHA account is free to create and is required to register individuals for our conferences.

Create Account

Step 2. Complete Account Profile

After creating your account, complete all required fields (name contact info, etc.) to build your profile.

Step 3. Link MyNEHA Account to Organization*

  1. Start typing the name of your organization in the space provided.
  2. Select your organization if it appears in the drop-down menu. To add your organization, choose “Add a New Organization” and provide your organization’s details.
  3. Select your role from the drop-down menu beneath the organization name section

* We cannot register a group registration if you “Skip this Step.” Group registration must be linked to an organization to qualify as a group.

Step 4. Register

  1. Go to the Registration Portal and click “Register”
  2. Select “Register Group” (If this option does not appear, then your account is not linked to your organization.) Contact us for assistance. (link to email)
  3. Add attendees. Select from the list and/or select “Register New Contact” to add an attendee. You only need to provide their name and email address to continue.
  4. Select the registration type for each individual in your group.
  5. Add information for each individual in your group, as requested.
  6. Continue through the registration process to checkout. *

* The discount for 5 or more individuals in a group will be reflected in your total after beginning the checkout process.

Registration Portal

Step 5. Checkout

Confirm your payment address and type

Step 6. Confirmation

Registration confirmation emails will be sent to the individual who registered the group. Individuals within the group registration will receive further instructions and details about the AEC closer to the conference.