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Mentorship Grant- Calendar Year 2022

The Mentorship Optional Add-on Grant is available to every jurisdiction applying for a base grant (either Development Base or Maintenance & Advancement Base) through Track 1, 2, or 3 of the NEHA-FDA Retail Flexible Funding Model Grant Program.

Benefits of Mentorship Grant

  • Network and collaborate with other retail food regulatory jurisdictions.
  • As a mentor - share experiences and tips for making progress in the Retail Program Standards (the Standards). Mentors also propose projects to advance on their own standards while supporting mentees.
  • As a mentee - leverage the expertise of an experienced jurisdiction to increase your own expertise and make rapid progress through the Standards. Mentors will work with mentees to review project plans and develop customized support to achieve realistic goals throughout the project period.
  • Flexible funding amount allows applicants to tailor grants to meet their specific needs.
  • Mentorship participants will benefit from building collaborative relationships with similar programs with the focus of achieving conformance with the Retail Program Standards. Both mentees and mentors will participate in sharing sessions, site visits, webinars, and an end-of-year meeting. Travel awards, over and above the grant funding provided by the NEHA-FDA RFFM grants, will be made available for all mentorship participants to attend the end-of-year meeting.
  • Mentorship Program participants will also benefit from outcomes that may include:
    • increased staff familiarity with the Retail Program Standards;
    • increased retail food regulatory program capacity for implementing continuous quality assurance and quality improvement for retail food regulatory programs; and
    • improved inspection and oversight of retail and food service establishments under the jurisdiction of the retail food regulatory program;
    • increased likelihood to achieve conformance with more standards (compared with programs not participating in mentorship).

For Track 1 Development Base Grant Applicants

  • For programs that are newly enrolled in the Standards, or who have not recently been active in the Standards, the Mentorship Grant offers the perfect opportunity to quickly increase your expertise. As a mentee, you will be paired with a skilled mentor program who will work directly with you throughout the year. ?
  • Jurisdictions new to the Standards can benefit from having a more experienced jurisdiction help them complete their Self-Assessment of All Nine Standards or their Comprehensive Strategic Improvement Plan.
  • Track 1 Development Base Grant applicants can receive up to $14,000 in funding as a mentee.
  • To maximize the benefits offered by the NEHA-FDA RFFM Grant Program, we strongly recommend that Track 1 applicants apply for all three of the grants offered in their eligibility track – a Development Base Grant, a Mentorship Grant (requesting to be a mentee), and a Training / Staff Development and Program Standards Engagement Grant (for attendance at a Self-Assessment and Verification Audit Workshop).

For Track 2 Development Base Grant Applicants or Track 3 Maintenance and Advancement Base Grant Applicants

  • Apply as a mentee for up to $14,000 in funding.
    • Consider a mentee grant to receive assistance from an experienced jurisdiction in making progress with or meeting one or more specific Standards, or to make progress on a Public Health Metric.
  • Apply as a mentor for up to $24,000 in funding.
    • Consider becoming a mentor if you are experienced in one or more specific areas of the Standards – completing a Self- Assessment of All Nine Standards, completing a Comprehensive Strategic Improvement Plan, completing any of the Standards or Elements, or completing or making progress on a Public Health Metric – you don't need to be an expert in all areas to help another jurisdiction!
    • Mentors can support between 1 and 5 jurisdictions, depending on their availability. Maximum funding is based on the number of mentees assigned: up to $12K for one mentee, up to $15K for two, up to $18K for three, up to $21K for four, and up to $24K for five. Your program can submit a budget that is realistic and based on your actual needs and may request and use some or all of the available funding offered.
  • Although in Tracks 2 and Track 3 base grant applicants can qualify to be either a mentor or a mentee in a single year, jurisdictions will have to choose to be one or the other for each 1-year award. Qualified jurisdictions will have the opportunity to make this choice each year during the 3-year duration of the NEHA-FDA RFFM Grant Program Cooperative Agreement.

Can you choose your mentor or mentees?

Within the Mentorship Grant application, mentees will be able to request a specific mentor and justify why the proposed choice will be best for the jurisdiction. Similarly, mentors will be able to request specific mentees and justify why the proposed choice(s) will be best for all involved. Final assignments, however, will depend on the numbers and qualifications of both mentor and mentee applications, and will be made by NEHA-FDA RFFM project leadership (with input from FDA, NACCHO, and NEHA).

Can I submit a revised mentorship work plan after receiving the notice of award?

Yes! We understand that once paired, mentor work plans may need to be revised to reflect the actual needs of the assigned mentees. Mentee work plans may need revisions to reflect achievable goals during the project period.