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AEC Continuing Education Credits

Registered attendees of the NEHA AEC can earn continuing education credits (CEs) by attending sessions. CEs can be used to maintain the credentials we offer. CEs can only be submitted for those that hold a NEHA credential.

Tracking Your CEs

In-person Attendees

Step 1: Check in to each session you attend by scanning your badge QR code on the tablet at the entrance of the room
Step 2: Receive a certificate by email 1 week after the conference. The certificate can be used to submit your CEs to other organizations

Virtual Attendees

Step 1: Flag sessions to add them to “My event”
Step 2: Navigate to “My event” and export your sessions to a downloadable PDF

Submitting Your CEs

Submit the total number of hours using your MyNEHA account.

  • Log in with your User ID and Password
  • On the top menu, find " Credentials & Exams"
  • Select “Report CE Credits”
  • Complete the Self-Report CE Credits form
  • Enter “NEHA 2023 AEC” as the Course Name
  • All hours should be submitted as a grand total

CE Values

Continuing education credits for the AEC are calculated as follows:

  • Each hour of learning equals one CE
  • Fifteen-minute sessions should be rounded to 0.5 CE
  • Forty-five-minute sessions should be rounded to 1 CE

Submitting CEs to State and Other Credentialing Programs

Speak with your state or credentialing body to understand their requirements and if the conference sessions can be considered for continuing education credit. Other organizations that have credentials might not accept this conference as continuing education.

Proof of Attendance

  • An automatic CE tracking email will be sent to all virtual attendees outlining the sessions attended.
  • In-person attendees can receive a summary of sessions attended. Individuals must scan the QR code outside each session to receive this report.
  • All registrants will have access to on-demand sessions one month after the conclusion of the AEC. Access will be through MyNEHA and Certificates will be automatically sent after viewing individual sessions.

Contact Us

Visit our Continuing Education webpage for information on credits for other organizations and for the California REHS program. For additional questions, email our Credentialing Department.