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The Retail Food Safety Regulatory Workforce Standardization Survey

We are working together with the FDA to understand the standardization processes used by retail food regulatory programs across the country at state, local, tribal, and territorial levels. 

We will be asking leaders in retail food regulatory workforce to complete the Retail Food Regulatory Workforce Standardization Survey. The purpose of this survey is to:  

  • Identify and understand food safety standardization practices being used throughout the country to inform the FDA standardization process.
  • Determine the degree of exposure retail food regulatory professionals have to key content knowledge areas.  
  • Discover strengths and gaps between exposure to content and the working needs of the regulatory community.  

The survey analysis will be made available to the retail food safety regulatory workforce to provide a comprehensive overview of the accepted training and standardization practices nationwide. The results of the survey have the potential to impact decisions on the FDA Retail Standardization process moving forward. 

For questions, please email us at retaildata@neha.org.  

This survey is funded by the NEHA-FDA Retail Flexible Funding Model Grant Program and supported by the FDA under award U2FFD007358.